A Day on Kettle Lake

On Saturday the 9th of April Sam and I spent the afternoon on Kettle Lake in search of blue gill and other pan fish to prepare for our inaugural meal on the 22nd. The weather was kind to us with a slight breeze and good temperatures. However, it quickly became apparent that our gungho attitude wasn’t going to force the fish to bite. We charged onto the water and before we knew it we had no idea where to fish.

Docked at the boat launch

My father and I have spent many days fishing our little section of the Thornapple River near the Cascade Dam where finding fish means looking for a tree in the river or prior knowledge of a good rock pile. But out on the lake Sam’s memory and my ignorance did not help us find fish. We found a great place to fish for Bass but, unfortunately they aren’t allowed to be kept until after memorial day. It seems we need to talk to an old salt or just put in the time acclimating ourselves with the lake.

The good news is we weren’t discouraged and despair was not in our hearts as we got off the water. It brought home the fact that this will be tough. Sam and I have our work cut out for us and that is the whole reason we are doing this. It is a foraging experience, a way for us to better identify with a bygone age when hunting, gathering and primal cultivation was a staple of everyday life.

Exciting right?



2 responses to “A Day on Kettle Lake

  1. Should have stopped by! My neighbor could have shared all the secrets. Blog is looking good!

  2. Thanks Ryan! We need to talk to someone with the secrets or we’ll be hungry.

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