Off Wild Whitneyville Road

Today on the bright and chilly morning of April 12th, Alex and I went on our first vegetation foraging mission.  Well, I suppose it was more of a reconnaissance mission due to the fact that we didn’t bring any edibles back with us.  We were, however, ecstatic to discover there to be so much more in our backyard than we thought there to be!

For the past two days, we have been deeply engrossed in the process of creating our Earth Day menu and this morning we awoke with foraging anticipation!  Although, I would be lying if I said it wasn’t tinged with a little disappointment from our last unsuccessful fishing trip.  We knew this foraging experience wasn’t going to be a walk in the park (or the woods, pun intended), but we desperately wanted a little success to give our morale a boost.

Prior to setting out this morning, Alex and I had a general idea of the plants we were going to look for.

1)  Cattails

2)  Dandelions

3)  Nettles

We decided these plants would be included in our first meal because not only are they all edible this time of the year, but we are familiar with and confident that we can locate and identify them correctly.  The last thing we would want to do on our first meal is to eat something inedible.  No thank you!

We first began foraging for Cattails.  Now depending on the area you are in, find a Cattail stand might be difficult.  Fortunately for us, we have ready access to a lake and the adjacent marshes/swamps/stagnant water.  Lo’ and behold, less than 5 minutes after we began foraging, we came to a dense, year old Cattail Stand.  Apparently, looking for last years vegetation is the best way to find new growth this time of the year.  And did we find it!

Cattail Shoots

Then we had to taste them.  Apparently they taste like Asparagus.

They're raw and already delicious!

Check out the Cattail tops from last season!  This truly is a wonder plant.  There are uses for every part of the plant.  The fluff at the top can staunch blood and be used as insulation to name a few.

Finding this soon-to-be dense, stand of Cattails will be a valuable resource for our meals to come!

We then continued walking and found what are without a doubt, wild onions!  And not just a few, a whole ton of them!  Another perfect addition to our meals.

Wild baby Onions!

In addition to these, we found early stage Dandelions and Nettles (for our salads) and what might be wild carrots and strawberries!

It is sufficient to say, our second foraging trip (this time for plants) was EXTREMELY successful 🙂  Both Alex and I have renewed hope for this venture of ours.  It might be a lot of veggies and little animal protein, but who knows what we may find and learn to catch.



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