In short Wild West Michigan is back to the basics.  Out of the supermarket and into the woods.  Put down the remote, pick up the fishing rod.  In general, it’s just a good excuse to get outside.

Beginning Earth Day 2011, one meal a week will be entirely prepared from Mother Nature’s bounty.  West Michigan will be our pantry as we forage for flora and fauna to concoct a meal for ourselves and our friends.

This is an experience and an experiment.  It is learning as we go.  It is lurid and whimsical.  Perhaps you’ll tag along.

Really this whole idea came about as we talked about ways to really become more environmentally focused. All around us people were spending money in order to help the environment. A 25,000 dollar Prius, a house full of 5 dollar light bulbs and a brand new Solar Panel to power them. Really in this throw away culture people have forgotten what is just beyond the edge of their lawn. Yes a Prius is a great way to cut emissions and gas consumption, and of course better lighting and solar power make perfect sense.  But a bike and candle do the same things. It is funny how great we all are at consuming what we’re told to and forgetting the great wealth around us. In fact many of our friends and family scoffed at our idea. Laughingly they said how cute it is or how gross it will taste. yet by cutting even one meal a week we’ll save ourselves 3 trips to grocery store this summer and roughly 200 dollars in fuel and food costs. Heck if we get good at this foraging thing we could do way more.

Basically this is our way of finding ourselves in a post graduation mess. This is Sam and Alex’s voyage to discover what the possibilities are. Will we find the edge of the map? Will we enjoy eating edible wilds and squirrel? Can this become a sustainable habit and lifestyle? Who knows, but we have to find out.


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