In my life, I have been and still am many things. An Eagle Scout, a fraternity boy, a National Ski Patroler, a guitarist, an idealist, really I am and always will be a work in progress. I am following the footsteps of greater men such as  John Muir and Yvon Chouinard hoping I too can make a difference. I am in transition. I am Alex and I am seeking a Foraging Experience.

The shake up, as I call it now, began when I realized I could no longer work in a cubicle. I didn’t care that the pay was good nor that the benefits were a silent blessing. To me it was an abomination of humanity to reside in a half walled world: emailing, conference calling and keeping your productivity up. It set my teeth on edge from 9 to 5 and I knew I had to change it before it was too late.

In college at Michigan Technological university I had been in the heart of Michigan’s Upper Peninsula with waterfalls and Lake Superior minutes away. I had hiked Isle Royal camped out on numerous beaches both named and unnamed I had skied at Mont Ripley and Mount Bohemia until I could no longer stand. How had I gotten so far off track?

To me Wild West Michigan is part of the larger trend in my recent life: Back to the Basics. Out of corporate America into local small business, Put down the stock option pick up a true love of your work. Now I work for Bill & Paul’s Sporthaus and I couldn’t be happier. Changing jobs in “the shake up” has been an incredible catalyst for personal and soulful change.

This Foraging Experience is a way for me to further ground myself to nature. It is a way for me to continue my path into an environmental mindset and lifestyle. I hope to learn responsibility and stewardship as well as cultivate a deeper respect and adoration to the beauty and bounty of the wilderness. I hope to build these things together with Sam and fortify our relationship with these values as we move forward together in life and love. I hope to find myself quieted in the stillness of God’s creation.


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