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What Will Tomorrow Bring?

Well another Saturday is fast approaching and it brings to question of what will the weather be like tomorrow? High winds and cold temperatures kept us off the lake at the beginning of the week and between my working  and Sam leaving the State to go to Oregon for a fencing tournament we have not fished a lick. My father and I are hoping tomorrow’s forecasted rain will be over quickly so that we can fish in the evening for Crappie on Morrison Lake.

While not fishing or walking through the woods and fields near Sam’s home I have been brushing up on my book knowledge reading through Edible Wild Plants by Lee Allen Peterson. Today I went to Schuler Books and Music on 28th Street and picked up The Complete Guide to Edible Wild Plant, Mushrooms, Fruits, and Nuts: How to Find, Identify and Cook Them by Katie Letcher Lyle. Now I feel we’ll have enough information to properly forage throughout the spring, summer and fall.

I’ll be sure to share whether or not the fishing trip is a success or if it even takes place. Until then I can only wonder what tomorrow bring.

– Alex